Success occurs when you allow your dreams to become bigger than your excuses.
  • Experiential events and personal development for INDIVIDUALS AND workplace teams

  • Removing the rate-limiting effects of stress to create more headspace

  • Moving into that new space where performance can grow without limits

Developing a going beyond MINDSET

taking work rest and play to the next level

Living life sensationally by getting the habit of more ‘sense’ time. First you make your habits than your habits make you.

Experiencing our events brings you back to your senses - for a life led more 'sensationally' which in turn opens the door to 'sensational' results.

It's a play on words and our events are about putting the sense of play, passion and purpose back into lives. It's here where performance lives and breathes, and its the 'sense' techniques of meditation and mindfulness that take you there, and then keep you there.

Once you understand and start to experience meditation and mindfulness through the vibe-space "sense-fulness" approach, you discover just how natural and easy it is to access these powerful ways of being in your life - professionally and personally. 


It becomes as natural as the states of consciousness of sleeping, waking or dreaming - because meditation is simply a fourth state of consciousness that we have.

It's like a mode you can select and set yourself to.  In that mode you are in a deeply relaxed state yet simultaneously in a heightened state of awareness. 

Mindfulness is simply the way of coming to life  that allows you to extend the mode through your day, once you've got up from your meditation session. This is why they come together as a set. 


Take away stress and anxiety, and you open up the innate skill we all have to master doubts and inhibition - instead of allowing them to master us. Limits dissolve and once that lid is off, the genie can come out of the bottle.

Dreams and imagination start to feel like ideas close enough to start exploring them, and this is the mode where you can start going beyond - in the here and now, in everything you do, like a habit.

Once something becomes a habit, you do it instinctively, with confidence. 


Vibe-space is about learning these natural 'sense' techniques for moving into that personal space - and being able to hold it through the ebb and flow of life.  

Our courses and events are entertaining and make the techniques easily accessible and understandable as part of basic human physiology, evidenced through modern neuroscience. 

After you learn, you can practice on your own as a habit for life.  Or, you can set up  Vibe-Space 'pit stops' to keep you topped up over time.


    Developing agile, creative, confident, focused, resilient, curious, collaborative and stress-resistant individuals with a limitless mindset.

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    Igniting and inspiring the spirit in individuals and teams

    Step one 

    Mindset moves to restore a stronger sense connection, to release stress and clear some headspace. Connecting mind and body with our Cellular Movement and Sound Formula to bring you back to your senses, feeling more and thinking less in a deep yet energised state of relaxation.

    Step two 

    Once in this state, the door opens to the intuitive, creative and visualisation mind power techniques common to all high performers in any area of life, sport, music, art or business. They follow their inner voice with confidence and courage. Regular meditation and mindfulness practice keeps you in tune with that voice.


    “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice…have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Everything else is secondary.” 

    Steve Jobs


    Our Events and Workshops

    ‘Out of the box’ team away days and on-site performance workshops. Each is a unique and energising personal development experience.

    Our Events and Workshops

    ‘Out of the box’ team away days and on-site performance workshops. Each is a unique and energising personal development experience.


    The winning equation: happiness = performance, not, performance = happiness



    - one of the 'Secrets' from the autobiography of the sport and music superstar Yannick Noah, grand slam tennis champion, French Davis Cup team coach  and pop legend in his French home territory - photo credit Vandvstadt Sports Photos

    The Vibe-Space Experience

    LIVE LIFE SENSATIONALLY- it's scientifically proven

    Whether at a one-day team event or a workshop series, you get the experience not just the talk about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for high performance and taking life to the next level.

    You come to understand

    • meditation and mindfulness as the 'natural sciences' they are, why these 'sense' techniques have been practiced for 5000 years and more and what modern neuroscience is now proving they do for our minds. 
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    The 3P's of Performance

    Uncover for yourself the Vibe-Space 3 'P's of performance ⓒ : 

    Physics, Physiology and Presence

    The 3 P's turn what we think of as 'the art of flow' into a verifiable 'science of flow'. We see and feel how it works, by going back to basics with the science of energy (physics) and the stress response (physiology) and how they affect your personal presence.

    Once you start to work with the techniques and build a stronger sense connection you see how they can allow you to develop: 

    • Intuitive understanding and decsion-making
    • Greater momentum through channelled intention 
    • Clearer insights and solutions by allowing these to emerge from the inside out 
    • Explore our team events and workshop series below. Each can be tailored to suit your needs, team culture, workspace or an off-site destination. They can be staged as stand alone events or combined as a developmental series.
    • You can progress from taster to developing regular habits as you start to feel the benefits and want to go deeper into the tools and techniques common to each.


    Personal development and growth in the workplace for you, your business and your team


    Personal development and growth in the workplace for you, your business and your team

    Vibe-Space Founder

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    Alli Hunter - working with individuals and teams to nurture energetic potential for personal development, growth, achieving goals and taking performance to a higher dimension - CONTACT ME

    alli hunter - the vibe-space story

    Since I started my own practice 20 years ago, I've only ever had one year out of the daily habit. That was enough to show me it was a key factor in my being well and doing well.

    In that one year without much practice, I suddenly began to feel snowed under and unhappy for the first time ever. Up until then, I had thrived in a demanding multinational corporate PR and business owner career.

    That was when I trained to coach in the ancient practices I call sense techniques which I share through VIBE-SPACE. It's a complete system for staying ‘in health and in flow’ at the top of your game at work, rest and play. 

    The results I have had from my own practice and my coaching are what inspired me to create VIBE-SPACE as a developmental personal growth and performance tool. 

    The approach incorporates the ancient  psychological insights and teachings now practiced in today’s mindfulness.  It supports the development of inner awareness, confident and intuitive decision-making central to creating success from the inside out. It releases our innate vitality, drive and energetic potential. I call it the sense technique.


    sharon gardner

    Sharon is a naturopathic nutritionist, holistic chef, well-being coach, plant-based nutrition specialist, and lifestyle medicine specialist. She is renowned for her talent in creating delicious, healthy, nourishing and high energy menus. She supports VIBE-SPACE events and workshops by taking care of the nutritional energetic vibe.







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